Vision & Strategy


Our vision for Dubai Parks and Resorts is that it will become a premier year-round global entertainment destination, catering to a wide variety of visitor segments from the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and globally by offering world-class and varied attractions based on an exclusive portfolio of globally-recognised licenced brands. We aim to create a high growth, high return, family entertainment business based on internationally-recognised brands with long-term appeal.

The Project is currently anticipated to be complete by the end of the third quarter of 2016 and the total estimated number of visits in the first full year of operation in 2017 is approximately 6.7 million, with significant growth expected over the following five-year period.


In the short-term, our strategy is to focus on completing the construction of the Project and ensuring the implementation of an effective public relations and marketing strategy.

Once Dubai Parks and Resorts is operational, which we currently anticipate will be by the end of the third quarter of 2016, we expect to focus on operational excellence (particularly in terms of the customer experience and safety) and to deliver additional growth following the opening and stabilisation of visitor numbers by:

  • Building a destination management team, in line with standard practice at other major integrated theme park destinations such as Disney and Universal Studios attractions, that will seek to maximise destination revenues and yields by actively monitoring our pricing, duration of visit and in-park spend and adjusting pricing to maximise our revenues (including through flexible pricing to manage peaks and troughs in anticipated demand and multi-visit discounts) as well as designing new plans and packages to attract additional market segments;
  • Continuing to focus on promotion strategies, including on-line, social media and e-commerce initiatives, as well as by coordinating our marketing with that of the Dubai government bodies which market Dubai as a tourist destination;
  • Focusing our marketing efforts on specific regions, including core markets such as local attendance from the UAE, regional visitors from the GCC and the Indian sub-continent and other top tourist markets for Dubai such as the UK, the United States and Russia, as well as other developing markets such as China.

In the medium- to longer-term, we aim to further develop Dubai Parks and Resorts through a number of initiatives, including:

  • Fully capitalising on major regional events such as Expo 2020 in Dubai and the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is expected to be held in Qatar
  • Ensuring that we make regular and cost-efficient investments in each of our theme park destinations which are designed to maintain the quality and safety of our attractions and to increase visitor numbers, support price increases and drive revenue growth
  • Potentially expanding each of our three theme parks to meet additional demand (the land area within which each park is constructed contains sufficient room to permit such expansion)